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i’ve been reading up on a lot of the discussion about the aro flag and the problems people have with it (that it’s not inclusive, mostly), other options people have put forward and their reasonings, and what they think it needs etc.

and judging by the dates on the discussion boards… apparently we’ve been trying to figure this shit out for 2 years already

so i figured, why not work on making a flag option myself - one that includes grey, demi, lith and wtfromantics as well as the spectrum, and is structured similarly to the other pride flags to show we’re part of the GSRM/LGBTPQIA community too

also one that’s a lot easier on the eyes than the one at

so here’s the results of several hours reading forum discussions and messing with colours and blabla, colour symbolism explained in the second picture

credit to like half the aro community for the green and yellow colour scheme that it seems to have adopted *teary thank yous everywhere*

lemme know what you think

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