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The Buzzfeed Post






I’ve posted about the ban campaign on Buzzfeed! If you’re active on Buzzfeed and want to promote the novel, please do whatever one does on Buzzfeed to promote posts. It’s much appreciated!

You should add more to the post, like pretend to interview yourself and explain the reasons it should be banned, e.g. walruses and violence!

An interesting concept…

ARI BACH: So why did you decide to promote a ban on Valhalla?

ARI BACH: Well Ari, that’s an interesting question. First, it was a publicity stunt to raise awareness. If you simply tell people about a book, nobody cares, but if you try to ban a book, everyone wants to know why, what the big deal is, they might even want to read it themselves to judge.

ARI BACH: A brilliant approach, Sir!

ARI BACH: Why thank you! The campaign grew from there of course and came to reveal all the nasty secrets of the novel.

ARI BACH: Like what?

ARI BACH: The first thing was the excessive violence. Valhalla has a high body count and some gory deaths, and an overall tone of violent behavior. From cannibalism to torture to knife fights to lost eyeballs to-

ARI BACH: Please, Ari, we get the point…

ARI BACH: Sorry. Anyhow the next objection many people had was to the main character being gay.

ARI BACH: Even in this enlightened day and age?

ARI BACH: Even still. I got hate mail, photos of the book in the toilet, parents livid that I exposed their kids to the very ideal of homosexuality.

ARI BACH: Appalling. Surely this didn’t dissuade readers?

ARI BACH: Some, I assume, but many more read it because of the controversy. So I wanted to continue that by banning the novel completely. Sales went through the roof as soon as I did. The BanValhalla tag exploded and the initial ban post gained 7,000 notes in a week, while the original advertisement post was at only 5,000 after 8 months.

ARI BACH: Fascinating! So what’s next for the novel?

ARI BACH: Well, hopefully it’ll actually get banned somewhere. Many fans are out promoting the ban for real, and hopefully it’ll get prohibited from a school or library soon. That should be just the thing to make it finally go viral.

ARI BACH: Well, I wish you the best of luck, and not just for selfish purposes. Though I do have some of those, of course.

ARI BACH: I don’t mind you being selfish, after all I’m getting all your profits.

ARI BACH: Indeed you are, lol.

ARI BACH: lol.

That kind of made my head hurt…

Aren’t you scared that some idiots take this seriously and ACTUALLY try banning it?

I’m counting on it, a real ban would be far more effective than this spoofery I’m reduced to.





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